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We are fortunate to have so many talented coaches who are fully accredited by the Australian Coaching Council and committed to teaching the next generation of calisthenics participants.


Each team has a class assistant, providing the opportunity for our older girls to mentor the younger members.  We also provide a pathway for members to become fully qualified coaches and support them in their training.

2024 Coaching Team

We are proud to announce our coaching team for 2024.

Coaches Coordinator: Zoe Rankine

Tinies (3 - 7 years): Jade Blackwood 

Tinies (5 - 7 years): Ashlee Blackwood 

Sub Juniors (8-10 years): Gina Etherton

Juniors (11-13 years): Georgia Davidson (Cadet) & Amy Noble

Inters/Seniors (14+ years): Zoe Rankine

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