3 – 7 years old


Monday - 5.30pm - 6.30pm

$8 per lesson

Costumes Extra

wesbite sub.jpg

Sub Juniors

8 – 10 years old


Wednesday 5:30pm – 7:30pm


$14 per lesson

Costumes Extra

website jun_edited_edited.jpg


Thursday 5:30pm – 8:30pm


11-13 years old


$14 per lesson

Costumes Extra

website inters.jpg


Tuesday 5:30pm– 8:30pm


14 – 17 years old


$15 per lesson

Costumes Extra

Website seniors_1.jpg


Monday 6:30pm– 9:30pm


18 years +


$15 per lesson

Costumes Extra

Further Fee information​

  • In addition to the lesson fees, a club registration fee is charged once a year for each member. The 2022 Club Registration cost is $130.00 per member and includes CASA’s participating member registration, insurance, copyright and theatre building levy as well club administration costs.

  • Costumes are not included in lesson fees. Each member has their own costume account with a minimum amount being; Tinies $90, Sub Juniors $120, Juniors $150, Intermediates $150 and Seniors $150. A final costume account will be itemised after the completion of competitions. Where possible costumes are capped by the club to limit the costs to parents.

  • The fees above do not include the making/sewing or trimming of the costume, personal kit items such as hair supplies, practice leotards, body stockings, club tracksuits, clubs, aesthetic skirts, concert & other performance make up, videos and photos etc.

  • In addition to the lesson fees, Highbury Calisthenics runs a two night Calisthenics camp once a year over a weekend.  

  • Highbury Calisthenics is part of the Governments Sports Vouchers program.