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Our Club


Established in 1982, Highbury Calisthenics has a long history of successfully competing in State and inter State Championships. Our club is based in the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide, with lessons being held in Hope Valley.

We provide an inclusive, safe and fun environment encouraging members to build confidence, gain skills, improve fitness and make long lasting friendships. 

While calisthenics is predominately a team-based sport, some of our members choose to participate in graceful girl, solo and duo competitions throughout the year. We have a number of coaches available to teach these private lessons (additional fees apply). We also run preparatory classes for the calisthenics pupil skills exams. These exams are run the by the Calisthenics Association of South Australia (CASA) and our preparatory classes teach members the calisthenics skills outlined in the exam syllabus.

Highbury Calisthenics is a not-for-profit organisation that is run by a dedicated committee.  All members are encouraged to have a say in the way the club operates.

Highbury Calisthenics complies with child safety regulations set by the government.

What do teams learn? 

Each team learns and performs a selection of following items every year. 



Deportment and teamwork are required as performers display intricate marching figures and patterns.

wesbote rods.jpeg

Rod Exercises

In this item, performers use a metal rod to demonstrate high levels of coordination between the eyes, hands and legs.


Free Exercises

Flexibility and core strength are used to demonstrate the physical capabilities of performers in this item

wesbite aesthetic.jpeg


A graceful form of dance most similar to ballet, where performers wear long skirts and interpret the music with soft, flowing body and facial expressions.

website clubs_edited_edited.jpg

Club Swinging

Perhaps the most difficult item, performers demonstrate their fine motor skill, rhythm and coordination as they swing wooden clubs in a circular motion.

website aesth.jpeg

Rythmical Aesthetics

Typically performed in the older age groups, this item combines aesthetic
technique with elevated movements.

website song and dance.jpg

Song and Dance

Dancing and singing are combined to produce an entertaining routine.


Character Folk

The team portrays the character of their theme through dance, acting and miming.


Cali Revue

Creativity and audience enjoyment are at the heart of this item.  Teams are encouraged to combine dancing, singing, acting, comedy and clever costuming to entertain the audience.

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